Owners’ Philosophy

We understand human nature.

Exercise doesn’t have to feel like work.  We know that everyone has different styles, different likes, dislikes and different goals.

  • Some of us need exercise to be fun & interesting or we won’t stick with it…
  • Some of us need someone else to push or motivate us through a workout…
  • Some of us enjoy working out alone while others enjoy working out in a group or with a friend…
  • Some of us need to be calmed after the end of a long day… or before beginning one….
  • While others need to get their aggression out in a safe & healthy way.

Having raised four children, we understand that everyone is different and that those differences should be celebrated – even encouraged.  This is how we find our strengths.

With this in mind, we’re creating a healthy and relaxed environment that feels both like a destination and like a “home away from home”. We accentuate the POSITIVE by surrounding you with empowering words, energizing colors and artwork.  In our gym, you’ll be motivated and inspired.

We’re going back to when common sense ruled. We’re filling our gym with good people who are supportive of each other.  Come in. Meet your neighbors and make new friends.  Let’s build a better community.

We’re more than a gym – We are Body by Design

Tara West & Kris Best – Owners